The Fluxx card games are numerous, varied and a lot of fun. This particular review is about my favourite, Star Fluxx.

Star Fluxx, like all the Fluxx games, is very simple at it’s heart. The first rule is always ‘Draw One, Play One’ from there the game changes with almost every card. Before we go to far into that though let us take a look at the cards themselves.

Build Quality
The whole Star Fluxx set is that great balance between quality feeling materials and cheaper materials to keep the cost low. While the deck of cards does have a wonderfully luxurious feel to it, like a new deck of expensive playing cards, the box is made of some fairly thin and cheap cardboard. The artwork on the box is pretty great though as it seems to be on all the Fluxx games.


As stated above the premise is fairly simple for all the Fluxx games. ‘Draw one, Play One’ is the most basic rule but as the name suggests these rules are in Fluxx. The yellow card you can see above are new rules that supersede the original rule, new rules such as Play 4 or Draw 5. each of the rules can drastically change the way the game is played, imagine a game that is Draw 5, Play 2, you quickly have a hand full of cards.

To win the game you need to complete the conditions on the pink card, the Goal, normally done by having 2 specific green cards on the table. The green cards, called Keepers are really what make Star Fluxx great. They are all based on classic Sci-Fi tropes as well as specific, but not copyright infringing, characters. My personal favourite has to be the Expendable Crew Member who just ‘happens’ to wear a red shirt.. he even has his own special power, if anyone tries to steal a Keeper from you they must take him instead. The featured image of this post shows you some of my favourite character cards.


There are other cards that effect gameplay as well, Action Cards, Creepers and Suprise! but i will let you find out about them when you play. Suffice to say that effect the game in interesting ways and really help make the games pace unpredictable. A round of Star Fluxx can last anywhere between 2 minutes and an hour which makes it a great game to play on casual game nights.

Should you buy it?
Yes. If not this Fluxx then A Fluxx. Star Fluxx is my personal favourite as I am a massive nerd but you might prefer Zombie Fluxx or Pirate Fluxx or even just plain Fluxx, you really can’t go wrong with any of them and at $13.55 why wouldn’t you have one in your gaming arsenal? Check out the Official Site here for pricing and other great games.

Here is a great video of Star Fluxx being played by Wil Wheaton on Tabltop. Enjoy!