We have followed Ruddy Vikings from its infancy here at JustFourGeeks. There are very few chances to actually be a part of making a game and this has been a really enjoyable experience.

With the kickstarter over we have reached out to Ben Cooper from Rounded Squarish for a follow up interview before we release our interview. Check it out.

J4G: First off welcome back to JustFourGeeks!

BC: Thank you very much for having us back!

J4G: Since we last spoke the kickstarter for Ruddy Vikings has ended. How did it go?

BC: The Kickstarter went really well overall. We learnt a lot in a very small space of time and enjoyed the ride along the way.

J4G: You over reached your target by a goodly amount. Did this make shipping/costs harder or easier?

BC: Exceeding the target goal by so much was a massive acheivment for us, coming into the industry as nobodies and being able to raise so much interest was truly amazing. However, the larger number of backers did present problems, mainly caused by ourselves! The addition of ‘Stretch Goals’ was not something that, in hindsight, we had not put enough thought into. The need to create the additional content within an already tight budget was probably the biggest mistake of the project and something that we will definitely learn from when pushing forward to future endeavours! The shipping of the product was more difficult than we had expected too. Due to the distance between the members of Rounded Squarish, it fell to one person to compile each and every box and then ship them out (apologies to everyone for the delay!)

J4G: Now to the actual game, We love it! It has become a house favourite already, how did the kickstarter help improve the game?

BC: Thanks! Kickstarter provided a real boost and sense of urgency to the development of the game. Prior to launching the kickstarter we had the mechanics of the game to a level where we thought it was super fun and exactly what we had aimed for.

We only started going to local gaming groups during the kickstarter, however, and it was at these groups that we really listened and took in what people where feeding back to us. It was these external views (as always) that made the game even better, leading us to make small changes to the game that made a MASSIVE difference when playing.


J4G: We really enjoyed being a part of the beta experience. The hero deck and turn cards are new and so much fun! Where did the idea for those come from?

BC:  The Heroic expansion was something that we had always had in mind to create. We wanted to send gigantic Vikings with massive bushy beards across the table and do some real damage as much as anyone else! We had started developing these cards when we were super happy with the gameplay of the standard game. We wanted to ensure that the Heroic deck wouldn’t be too powerful OR too key to the game and wanted players who grabbed just the Standard deck to have just as much fun.
The turn cards were designed after playing a few hands with some friends down a local pub. A couple were keen players of other tabletop games involving a fair amount of randomness achieved with dice rolls. We wanted to keep the game simple, not adding too many other confusing elements, so designed a set of cards that would give that same random feel. We feel that the turn cards are one of the mini triumphs of the game and are super proud of them!

J4G: We really enjoy the turn cards, they add a really strong random element that works better the more players there are. So where does Rounded Squarish go from here? Another Kickstarter? expansions? TELL US ALL!


BC: From here we aim to continue producing the game and pushing for it to be sold in retailers and online around the world as soon as possible. There are a few tweaks that need to be made before this happens though so we are working on these right now. With regards to expansions, we will have to wait and see! We have tonnes of ideas flying around at the moment and it really depends if the good people of the world want us to make more!

J4G: Thanks Ben for coming and back and answering our questions! The last question is the most crucial.
If you could be a viking what would your name be?

BC: My Viking name would probably be… Bjornfell the Beast. Just… cus… 😀
Currently Ruddy Vikings is available through Absoloot Geek in the UK and hopefully soon in the US. We will keep you posted.