Recently our Editor-in-Chief (Samantha) and our Senior Editor (Me) got married down in the deserts of Southern California. It was a wonderful ceremony and we are both deliriously happy. As part of our wedding gifts we were given a nice set of new games to review. One of them is the perky little game “Roll For It!” So let’s get to it.

Build Quality

If you have ever seen or played a Calliope Games game you will know they have an extremely good build quality and Roll For It! is no different. All of the 24 small coloured dice look great with no sharp edges, although one of ours does have a paint spot on the two making it look like a three. The cards are very well printed and are bright and vibrant. They are a little thinner than we like here at J4G and with this game being aimed at younger players it may be worth protecting them. Of course card protectors are available.


Roll For It! has a simple yet enjoyable gameplay style involving nothing but dice and cards. The aim is to reach 40 points by capturing cards. The brightly coloured cards show different combinations of dice faces and are scored on the difficulty in achieving the correct rolls. Each player rolls six dice to try and complete the card and each player can put them on any of the face-up cards. This creates a fun, competitive edge as you try to roll that darn five that you need to get 10 points before your nine year old swoops in to get it. Kids!

With such simple gameplay the learning curve is very low. Kids and grown-ups alike can enjoy playing very quickly and with a starting age of around 8+ it really is fun for all the family.

Time scale and players

Roll For It! is a 2-4 player mini game. It only takes around 20 minutes to complete a hand and so is great game to start the evening off or to play while someone sets up the big game.


Whilst Roll For It! doesn’t have an expansion per se, you can buy the two different coloured packs and shuffle them together to make it an 8 player game with more variety!


We got to spend our honeymoon playing games and enjoying the desert atmosphere, as well as James’ first Disneyland trip, and time and again we came back to Roll For It! for its simple, fun and quick gameplay. If you want a game to kill 20 minutes then this is the game for you.

Roll For It! is available for around $12 on Amazon.

As always on my Tabletop game reviews, here is Wil Wheaton playing the game I review. Why? Because it’s awesome to watch, that’s why.

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