Editor: As I was writing my review of Star Fluxx, My daughter Alicia (12) asked me what I was doing. I explained that I was telling people how fun the game is and what makes it fun. She asked if she could do it too with her favourite game which I thought was a great idea.

This may end up being a feature of the site, getting our kids to do different reviews and little stories. This review has been edited for spelling and general consistency but is left as Alicia has written it. 

Build Quality

This review is of a dice game called Zombie Dice.
The quality of the packaging is good in terms of art work and colour. The artwork is so awesome. It has very detailed comic book like graphics of zombies and great textures. If you were to use it as a shaker for the dice, when you shook it the bottom would fall off and you would have to tape it. The dice in general are very good the art work of it is very good and the colour of the dice mean a lot in the game so that is very good. The dice feel nice and smooth and on the pictures it feels kind of rough but not sharp.

The aim of the game is to get thirteen brains before you get three shots to the face. There are three different colours of the dice, green, yellow and red. The green dice have more brains than shots to the face, the yellow means you have the same amount of shots to the face than you do brains and the red means that you have more shots to the face than you have brains.

The runaways/feet means you have to keep that dice in your hand and roll them again. The brain is obviously if you roll them then you put them to the side and roll a new hand, this is the main part of the game as you need to try and get thirteen brains before any shots to the face. The shots are the shots to the face are if you get three shots to the face you lose all brains but if you already have two shots to the face you can stick with how many brains you have and keep them till next turn.

Time scale and players
This game does not take a long period of time. The longest this takes is ten minutes but you can play it with a twist to make it more exciting the twist is you can get sweet brains and how many brains you get you can eat the sweets. It’s a game that if you have just finished a game and you only have a short period of time left you could play some zombie dice

My daddy says it’s good for when someone else is setting up another game you and a friend can play a quick game of zombie dice.

The age limit for this game I would say would be 6+ this is only because they need to understand the meaning of the game and need to know how to play you could have a five year old playing but they would need a lot of help.

So overall I think that this game is a great game and I think that I would definitely play this again and again.