Settlers of Cattan is one of the pillars of modern tabletop games. Set on the mythical island of Catan, you must build a civilisation and tame this wild island! The problem is, other pesky colonists are trying to muscle in on your land.

Build Quality

From top to bottom, this game oozes quality. Each of the board pieces are cut from thick card and fits together like a jigsaw – the border “sea” lock together and the inner tiles fit inside snugly, while still loose in the middle. The inner tiles can be changed around to keep the game varied. The resource cards are perhaps a little small for my liking as they can be bent quite easily; but if you are careful they should last a long time. The dice and “Robber” are made of good quality materials as well, rounding off a really well made product.


You start the game with two settlements and two roads set at the apex and faces of the hexagon tiles respectively. Each tile represents a resource that helps you earn victory points. Once you reach 10 victory points you win! Simple really, except those pesky other players try to stop you. The really great part is, you need those pesky players to trade as you can never get the right resources on your own.

Each resource has a number assigned and on each turn the dice determine what resource is given out. You then use those resources to buy development cards, settlements, cities, and roads. Each settlement gives you one resource or two if you upgrade to a city. Development cards offer extra ways to acquire resources, victory points, and other goodies while the Robber stops people from collecting resources.catan

Time scale and players

With the standard game you and up to three others can play, although there is an expansion that brings it to a maximum of six players. With four players the game can take a decent amount of time, say an hour, but with less people it can take much less. Give yoursellf at least 45 minutes to play and you should have a fantastic time. Although the game says you cannot play with two players my daughter and I have had many a fun game just the two of us.


Settlers of Catan has spawned many expansions and themed version, Star Trek Catan is a personal favourite of mine, but we won’t go into themed versions here, they really deserve their own review.

There are currently 9 expansions for Catan, 4 Actual expansions which introduce new gameplay and map tokens and 5 expansions to turn the other 4 into six player games. That just feels like a massive rip off. Not only do you have to pay £24.99 for the expansion, you then have to pay a further £15.99 to make that expansion six player. To have the entire set will cost you in the region of £165 ($240)! That is a lot of money to spend on just one game, even if it is one of the best games you can buy.


I love this Game. It was one of the first games I saw on TableTop, the YouTube show by Wil Wheaton and although it took me a while to buy it remains a firm favourite with me and my children. The only downside is the extremly over the top cost of the 5/6 player expansion, an expansion you really need if you are to have this as a fixture at your games night. This game is a Phenomenon and has helped bring Tabletop games back into the mainstream. Get yours Today!

You can get the Settlers Of Catan Bundle from for $59.99 which includes the 4th edition of the game and the 5/6 player expansion.

As always on my Tabletop game reviews, here is Wil Wheaton playing the game I review. Why? Because its awesome to watch, that’s why.

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