Ruddy Vikings

Ruddy Vikings

Build Quality








          The Good

          • Fast Paced
          • Great Artwork
          • Fun 2 Player

          The Not So Good

          • Slightly Square Cards


          It’s not everyday a reviewer gets to watch a game form from the ground up but that is exactly what happened with Ruddy Vikings. From the earliest beginnings, through Kickstarter and beyond we watched it grow and now we finally have our review!

          Build Quality

          The cards for Ruddy Vikings are sturdy and due to a stretch goal being reached, are a very nice quality. The corners are a touch square for our liking as they can catch and bend if you aren’t careful. Thankfully card protectors are so cheap you can pick up a thousand for under $10 here on Amazon.

          The box deserves a special mention as well as it has the instructions written around the outside. It’s a touch we really like here at J4G as it reduces excess paper and keeps the rules handy. The inclusion of a small mat to play on in the Kickstarter pack is fun but by no means central to the game so don’t worry if you don’t get one.

          When it comes to design the artwork is pure lovable class. Each Viking is different and varied with strange names and strange looks. The author of this article actually helped to add females to the mix in the game as before they only had men! Equality FTW!

          The turn card artwork is also very beautiful with full design across the faces. Overall for a small £16,000 Kickstarter the build quality is really good though card protectors will be a must.



          Ruddy Vikings is a turn based card game that, at its core is very simple, destroy your opponents hand using Vikings while keeping your hand using defences. The complexity of the game comes from the chance cards as well as the really fun OI!! cards that allow you to cancel other players turns. You can use Vikings to attack and those are as random as any other card so you never know how long the game may take.

          Buffs allow you to defeat certain defences as well as give you an extra chance to cause damage while the God cards throw some significant boosts your way. The turn cards had a hugely random element to the game like massive dragons that destroy all your defences or a storm that blows all defence round to the next person. This kind of randomisation can be slightly frustrating to strategic players but we find it increases the length of each hand to a more acceptable level.

          All together the game is both simple and yet allows for some fun strategy. This is a game to get your group started in the night with a fun, fast paced starter game.

          Time scale and players

          Ruddy Vikings is quick. We are talking 15 minutes a hand on 4 player quick. It really is perfect for starting your evening of gaming off or for winding it down. The game is 2 to 4 players unless you pick up the expansion or 2 decks and you can double the players.


          The Heroic Expansion for Ruddy Vikings was created off of the back of the Kickstarter success. It allows you to boost the amount of players while also adding a fun group of special Vikings with their own powers. This helps bring more strategy to the game and can push each hand up to 30 minutes or more. You can purchase the expansion for £10 at Absoloot Geek right now and at the Rounded Squarish website soon.


          At J4G we love to see a Kickstarter succeed. After all, the more games there are out there the more games we get to play everyday, and Ruddy Vikings is a success story in our eyes. The guys at Rounded Squarish didn’t ask for much to get the game going, just 2 grand, and yet they have managed to give us a game that is fun, quick and re-playable time and again. We like it. We think you will too.

          Ruddy Vikings is available for £10 on Absoloot Geek.

          Unfortunately there is no Tabletop episode of Ruddy Vikings but season 4 is on its way so fingers crossed!

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