Review: MPOW Armour

A tough little speaker with a nice suprise


  • Build Quality 90%
  • Sound Quality 95%
  • Design 92%
  • Striking, Rugged Design
  • Loud and Rich Audio
  • Extra Battery for Your Phone
  • Bass Speaker on the Rear
  • Plastic Feel to the Grill
  • Not Dust Proof
  • No Microphone


Overall Score

Where to Buy

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Design and Build

The Mpow Armor Bluetooth Speaker is a pretty looking thing. The combination of bright orange and gun metal grey grills is really eye catching and the industrial, almost combat styling gives the overall impression of ruggedness. The plastic on the grills is a little bendy however, like its not quite rigid enough for the task at hand, and although it is water resistant against heavy water it isn’t dust proof at all. The dust proof is due to the large grill holes allowing dust into the speaker compartment. If you are at the beach keep it on your blanket and all should be fine.

The Mpow Armor has to doors to keep the water out of the microUSB in, Aux in and a seperate door for a surprise USB out. The doors are sealed really well and will stop any water short of being submerged as well as dust from getting into your internals. I was impressed with the quality of this plugs as often they can feel unequal to the task but these take some getting into!

The actual shell of the armor is tough! I drop tested it a few times and none of seemed worse for wear and although the plastic is very smooth the feet are rubberised, almost sticky making it feel firm on any surface. That may seem like no big deal but with the impressive volume on this thing having it jump away is a possibility.

One big design feature that I really enjoy is the extra battery for charging your phone. It is only 1000Mah, not enough to charge even an iPhone, but it is more than enough to keep you going in a pinch. I like this idea for the practical purpose of music playing through your phone. If you are at the beach for say 5 hours listening to music then this battery should be enough to fill you back up. Handy!

Sound Quality

The Mpow Armor has a surprisingly deep and mellow tone while still maintaining a high enough volume to make it work in an outside environment. Unlike a lot of speakers that only seem to work in a quiet space, the Mpow is clearly designed for sitting around a campfire or down at the beach with a group of friends.

After a more detailed look it seems there are two speakers on the Mpow Armor. I may be wrong but it looks like a main speaker on the front and a bass speaker on the back. (Update: I contacted Mpow and it is indeed a bass speaker on the back.) That would certainly explain the wonderful deep tone it seems to give off. I currently have 5 different bluetooth speakers in the office and the Mpow is easily the nicest sounding at full volume, the loudest too!

One downside is the lack of microphone on the unit itself. This means that while you can hear the phone call through the speaker you have to have the phone close to you to get any kind of hands free feeling to it. This isn’t a problem for all those using a tablet but it may put people off who use a phone.


The Mpow Armor is a great bluetooth speaker. The orange and black, industrial design is striking and the water resistance makes it perfect for outdoor fun by the pool or at the beach. The volume is a huge plus for anyone wanting to use it outdoors, it really is loud and loses no quality due to the extra speaker.

I currently use it as my backyard speaker. It’s perfect for cookouts and family and friends get togethers. The 1000Mah battery really elevates this to a useful tool when out at the beach. Giving you a boost to your phone in pinch is always a positive.

Overall this is a great little device for the price.