Starring James Bricknell and David Pena
(Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes 26 MB)

This week is all about CES2016!

Lots of interesting products coming out of the Show this year and David and James run down their favourites

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So let me first say amazing job on the episodes!!! I am so glad your back doing this!! And I hope you do a mst3k style star wars episode!!!

Now one thing I haven’t heard anyone talk about is about the interrogation seen between Kylo and Rey.  While they are talking and right before she turns the table and does it to him he says “you dream of a world covered in water” or something very close to that.  Now where does she find Luke… On a world covered in water.  How did she know this.  Just a coincidence?  I’m not so sure.

Also the light saber that Rey finds is blue, and yes so was Luke/Anakin’s. But so was Obi Wan’s. And the last we saw it was on the Death Star in episode 4.  Yes Vader took it after he killed Obi Wan, but where he kept it we don’t know. And mas(sp?) Wasn’t very forthcoming as to where she got it.  So with her visions and dream having Obi Wan’s voice maybe that was his and not Luke/Anakin’s.

I don’t know what you think but just thought this should be discussed.

Thanks for reading and again looking forward to future episodes!!


The Talkies:

People moan about amazing things being amazing.

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