Starring James Bricknell and David Pena
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Join David and James for more Aural Pleasure.

We talk about last weeks CES predictions as well as the CES news we didn’t know about. We also lament the loss of the Glass Explorer program and discuss the Ant-Man trailer!

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Show Notes:



What was the best and worst technology device out of CES 2015?


What are both of your thoughts on Lollipop, i have seen many people on both sides of the fence, saying its either great and beautiful, or weird and kitkat was better functionally.

Also, would you consider listeners as guest hosts?


Now that the dust has settled. What do y’all think of the news from CES? What thoughts do you have with the Razer Forge TV, the Dell Venue 8 7840, and the Sling TV? To me sounds like I will more than likely be spending some money in the new year.

As always, keep up the great work.

  1. By the time the show airs…I am hopeful Dave Pena will announce all is well for his YouTube channel. As y’all said I have both subbed and waiting for new awesome videos.



The Talkies:

  • Ant-Man
  • Spiderman Avengers
  • Batman Vs Superman Part 1 and 2

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