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The show is back from hiatus! We know you missed us.

This episode should have gone up before CES unfortunatly James had to fly to America so couldnt get it done! However, you can now compare our thoughts to what actually happened.

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What can we do to help David?


CES and other shows like it, MWC in Europe for example. The online media hypes them to heaven but for anything other than small companies wanting to increase exposure I don’t really see what good they do. Could just be my old cynical nature Do you think the importance of these events is overplayed?


When am I joining the show as the obnoxious foul mouthed guest?


50″ OLED/quantum dot 8K FUHD televisions & HEVC REC2020 48fps vid cameras, … ? Home automation/security: Connected doors, Window openers/tints, curtains/blinds, lights, 3D printing


The Talkies:

Marvel are crushing on the Advertising

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