For several years now I have been involved with an event in the UK known as March of the Droids. Based around the Google Android operating system, MOTD is designed to allow people in the UK to meet and discuss their favourite OS as well talk to the people who actually make the things attached to the OS.

With participation from OEM’s such as HTC, Honor and Sony as well as sites like XDA-Developers, Modaco and Land of Droid and even app developers like Skyscanner and hardware creators like NFCRing the event has grown each year to be a superb day out.

Well this year MOTD has stepped up its game. With the help of IDEAA, the company behind the very impressive Big Android BBQ, they have a Code Kitchen on the friday as well as the usual enthusiasts day on the saturday. This expansion allows enthusiasts from all walks of life the chance to participate as well as making it easier to get the sponsors you know and love to come to the event.

In the words of Gary Weldon, the creator of MOTD:

Firstly we will be in a position to put on a far larger event and attract more top names from the world of Android, and secondly we will be running a code kitchen for all levels on the Friday before the main exhibitors day. We recognise that for some the exhibitors day won’t hold much sway, and for others development isn’t their thing, so tickets can be purchased for each individual day or as a discounted package for both.

With ticket prices starting as low as £10 and flights to Edinburgh as low as £54 from Stanstead there really is no reason not to be a part of it.

Tickets can be Here so go and buy!