Here at Just Four Geeks we love finding like minded people out there in the Bloggosphere or indeed in the real world. James visited a local Geek group in his home town and met Krystal, the owner of We decided to swap a few stories and an interview. Here it is:

J4G: Tell us about yourself!

K: My name’s Krystal, I’m the founder of local nerd crew: Geeks of Gosport and I run a geek shop called Absoloot Geek!

J4G: So apart from being a nerd yourself what made you start a Geek shopping site?

K: Well, a popular topic of conversation at the Geeks of Gosport meets is: where do people buy their games? And I realised that despite the demand, there was nowhere local to us that stocked what nerdkin were looking for. Thus, Absoloot Geek was born.

J4G: Speaking of games do you have a favourite Geek hobby? MTG? Board games?

K: So many! Haha, I do love MTG and I play it at least once a week. I also love video games, Steam and Xbox are my best friends recently. I’m grateful to have grown up in the golden age of video games going from non-existant to mainstream.

J4G: This is a random one I know but I always want to ask people. The Zombie outbreak occurs! You can only save one authors books, who would it be and why?

K: That’s a tough one…. I think I’d have to say Terry Pratchett. Rest in peace. His characters and settings in the Discworld were so unique and memorable, and they’ve stood the test of time. He went on writing for as long as he could, it’s inspiring.

J4G: We couldn’t agree more. Sir Terry is a Just Four Geeks favourite too. We have all benefited from the resurgence of Tabletop games in recent years, what do you think is the source of this resurgence?

K: Hmm.. I think in the past, tabletop games were always considered a ‘family’ event. Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly etc have always been staples. But in recent years, the industry has really been brought into the modern age, games like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic The Gathering which have old roots are now printed with digital artwork, becoming more visually appealing and attracted a modern audience.

J4G: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Krystal and we look forward to playing games with you and the Geeks of Gosport. One last question, what are your future plans for Absoloot Geek?

K: At the moment, Absoloot Geek is online only (although we do have a collection service), but we’re hoping to bring it to the high street sometime this year! There’s lots of work to do but I would love to bring AG to the people of Gosport. So watch this space! 😀 In the meantime, check us out at absoloot geek!