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Join Becca, James and Walter as we sort of, kind of, almost discuss this months book, Imperium by Robert Harris.

We haven’t been around much for a few months so we had a bit of a catch up first!

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Hello Becca, Walter, and James.  I first off want to say this is really not the type of book I typically read, but I would like to recommend a book I read recently that is kind of a cool hybrid between historical and science-fiction/fantasy. I it is called “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder. It mostly a really fun story and a very interesting way to learn about the history of philosophy. Anyway, onto my thoughts on this book. I definitely appreciate the excellent way in which this book was written. I like how it is written, and found it actually very easy to get into.  It is kind of amazing to realize that most of the legal system we use today is actually ideas and systems created over 2000 years ago. But other than that, there is really not much more I can say on this book, it is just a retelling of historical events around Cicero. It actually greatly brought to mind to HBO show “Rome,” which I watched in it’s entirety when it came out, and really enjoyed that series. That’s it pretty much.  Hope the next book we read is a little more in our wheelhouse, as this was a bit of trudge to get through. Sorry. Hope to talk to you guys soon, and can’t wait for the next podcast.


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