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Join Becca, James and Walter as we discuss this months book, Wool by Hugh Howey.

This book got a lot of E-mail response, 4 to be exact! we love them so keep ’em coming!

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Hiya, seeing as I recommended this read I was asked to email my thoughts?
Not sure what I should write and there should be a spoiler warning.
So…..spoiler alert.
As far as I remember wool started off as a short story, which focused on one couple and their struggle to live in the silo, the sheriff of the silo and his wife. Their subsequent failure to pro create at a designated time led to the wife obsessing over life in the silo and how they were not meant to live in such a place. Her obsession turned to longing to live on the outside which led to her being sent out to ‘clean’ meaning the screens pointing to the devastation outside. This is the silos form of capital punishment for disturbing the peace and a preventative measure against an uprising, a form of control. She cleans using the wire ‘wool’ pointing at the landscape with wonder. She then makes to walk away to a hill opposite and subsequently collapses, this has all been watched by her husband. In the following three years we see that the husband deteriorates in the wake of his dead wife, and turns himself in to clean. He is fitted with the suit and helmet to go out. As he goes outside his vision is filled with a glorious thriving world not at all what he was expecting. He feels compelled to clean to show the people in the silo that there is life beyond the silo. He finishes cleaning and makes to walk away, however is struggling to breathe. Thinking his helmet is the source of the trouble he manages to break it open, but is still struggling to breathe. As he collapses he realises the thriving world was a lie as once again he views the dying world as he himself succumbs to death.

This was the end of the first book. The next book spawns the search for the next silo sherif.

Due to the response for more stories the author was compelled to go on to write two more series, which chronicles life inside the silo, the making of the silos and escape from the silo.

I found it an extraordinary read from start to finish, I am not surprised by the response the author got from the first book as it gives a tantalising taste into life inside the silo and the lengths gone to keep people inside without so much of an explanation.

I hope this is ok. My days of adequately critiquing literature are pretty much behind me I’m afraid!  Good luck with your podcast on Saturday. Nice to see America agrees with you James!

I’m not trying to pull the wool over your eyes, “Wool” really is THAT good. It’s everything, and more, that a great end of the world book should be – including hopeful. Imagine your only experience with the world is an image reflected on a wall; imagine your entire life takes place in an underground silo.
Within the silo, some go decades without venturing up the stairs from lowest levels. You are reliant on each other for every. single. thing. And you must never, ever mention going out! You might not know where this plot is going, but don’t doubt for one minute that Howey has a mission. It’s a slow burn to make you squirm with claustrophobia and doubt, so much doubt.
There are rumors that Ridley Scott is making a movie based on “Wool”. My advice is to read the book first because everybody knows, the book is always better. But I will be first in line to see the movie!
Fan made Trailer:
Hi Deweys,
I was a bit behind on the books, so I was too late for the last book, Tome of Bill. I did enjoy it, and I got the first four books as a package, and I will continue with the rest of them.
But on to the current book, Wool. I had got a recommendation of this and the rest of the series from another (Swedish) podcast, so it was already on my wish list.
I really liked this book. It made you think about what it would takes to maintain a society in that situation. I’ve also read the Wayward Pines trilogy that sort of deals with the same subject. If you haven’t read them, I can recommend them. The TV show that was made from them was okay, but they cut the story down a lot. But, back to Wool.

No argue that you always rooted for Juliette in this book. She was obviously the main character from the start, and made a great hero for the story. She felt like a real person who could stand up for herself, but still be pretty modest about what she could do.

Among the other characters, Bernard was probably the most interesting, and I would have liked to hear a little more of his background. Even if he was the main villain of the story, I could really understand his point of view on what the silos were for, and the importance of them. Everything he did was based on the strong belief in the Order, to keep the silo alive and running.

I will definitely pick up the other two books in the series too. From what I’ve read, the second book is a prequel, and the third book is a sequel to the first book. It feels like a story that also needs the background explained more.

I hope it will be turned into a movie some time in the future, I think it would work well.

Thanks for a great podcast,


Hey gang,

just finished reading Wool, I could not put this book down, it really just sucks you in. I have to start by saying my Dad actually told me about this book a little over a year ago, he has read through all the Silo series books, and loved them all.   I really enjoyed this book. It was a very interesting universe to dive into.  It just keeps you guessing on what is gonna happen next. I really liked all the characters too, even Bernard had point where you thought you might be able to sympathize with his view on the whole situation. Juliet was such a good character.  Glad to see this book didn’t Game of Thrones things for all the good people.

It did leave a lot unanswered questions, which I suppose is the point to make you pick up the next book in the series. I did have a bit of a hard time picturing the scale of everything though, there was no real reference point on which I could picture in my head the entire Silo. These are just my thoughts though. Can’t wait to hear your guys discussion on this one.  Don’t worry about going too long on the podcast either, I love listening to you guys, and look forward to the next one

All the love,

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