If you are into games, and we assume you are if you read these reviews, you will know how hit and miss Kickstarter can be. Here at J4G we invest a fair amount in Kickstarter projects in the hope we hit a gem. Boss Monster by Brotherwise Games is one of those Gems.

Build Quality

Boss Monster is a complete card game with no other pieces so the quality of the cards is very important. The deck is a solid feeling deck, about the heaviness of playing cards without the wax feel. While they feel comfy in the hand you may notice some wear around the edges the more you play. If you are serious about your card games then you really should invest in a good set of card protectors. Thankfully card protectors are so cheap you can pick up a thousand for under $10 here on Amazon.

Design wise this game oozes retro joy. Each card is designed in an 8bit “NES” style and the box looks like a gamebox straight out of the early 90’s. For people like myself who grew up in the “Golden Age” of the NES, SNES, and Sega consoles this game hits you right in the nostalgia.


Boss Monster is a turn based card game where you take the roll of the bad guy in a video game. There are several Bosses to choose from with Zyzax being a J4G favourite (named after Gary Gygax in case you didn’t know). Each boss has its own XP level for determining turn order, highest first, and a special “Level Up” for when you build 5 dungeons.

The aim of the game is to kill 10 heroes who dare to enter your dungeon of doom! you do this by drawing Room Cards and laying them down in turn to create a dungeon with up to five rooms. Each room has a hit score that goes against the heroes life counter. If the heroes life counter goes to zero before he reaches you you get his soul gem, if he makes it to you alive you get a wound. Five wounds and you lose.

As the game progresses the Heroes become epic making them harder to kill but worth more soul gems. There are a few other twists to help you build a better dungeon such as Spell Cards, Advanced Trap Rooms and each room card has its own ability. The game ends when either one person collects 10 soul gems or all but one player dies from wounds.


Time scale and players

Boss monster is a 2-4 player game that lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes. It is that perfect mix of skill and luck that can push a game to extreme lengths.


Boss monster currently has two expansions, one of which can be used to expand the original game or as a standalone game. Tools of Hero Kind is a 25 card mini expansion which introduces tools to the original game while Boss Monster 2: The Next Level is a 160 card standalone/expansion that is well worth buying.


Here at J4G we love Boss Monster. When the family  get around a table to play we inevitable play a hand of this and that hour is always filled with the most laughter and general enjoyment. Boss Monster may have even replaced Munchkin as our go-to game. It really is that fun.

Boss Monster is available for around $18 on Amazon.

Unfortunately there is no Tabletop episode of Boss Monster but season 4 is on its way so fingers crossed!

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