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Join Becca, James and Walter as we discuss this months book, The Tome of Bill as well as a lot of other random stuff! Because you know… we waffle on…

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Tomas email that went missing!

I seem to have sent this to the old mail address, so it probably got lost somewhere. Now, it will hopefully reach you.

Hi Deweys!
I’ve both listened to the audio book and seen the movie versions of Howl’s Moving Castle, and I liked both of them, even if they were quite different.

I did like the book a bit better, maybe because I listened to it before watching the movie. I thought the characters and side stories were more detailed in it. I also didn’t think the war that was added to the movie was a very good change. It took the focus away from Sophie and made the movie focus more on Howl’s development. The movie also didn’t let Sophie have any magic, which made her less interesting.

The one change in the movie that I think was okay was to remove Howl’s connection to modern day Wales. It felt very out of place in the book, and it didn’t seem to have any real part of the story.

Of course you rooted for Sophie in the story, but I wasn’t sure I necessarily wanted her to become young again in the end, because the old version of her was such a tough and cool old lady, so she was more fun that way.

The target audience for both the book and movie seemed to be young adults, but I think it was well enjoyable by others too.

Looking forward to hearing what your opinions on the book vs the movie is.

Thanks for a great podcast,


Hello again Gang,

I’m going to jump right in with my thoughts on the book.  I loved this book.  I thought it was very funny, and quite unpredictable.  This book feels like it was written for me.  I a basically could easily be Bill or either of his roommates. They are almost exactly the kind of person I am, just a geeky, nerdy guy.  Anyway, I love how this book flows, with Bill basically breaking  the fourth wall narrating his story.  Actually the Deadpool movie reminded me a lot of this book, at least how the story was told. I loved all the characters, and just generally had a ton of fun with this book. I am completely hooked on this  series now, I have already got my hands on the second and third books. My favorite character other than Bill, has to be Sally. She is just hilarious, and I laugh every time she does something that makes Bill mutter “Bitch!” Anyway, look forward to the next book, and can’t wait to hear your guy’s take on it.

Lots of Love,


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