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The tl;dr

With a desire to create a common ground for all geeks no matter what their niche, four bloggers came together in early 2014 to build a blog that strays away from repetitive news articles and concentrates on the areas that matter most to you.

Just Four Geeks, an obvious play on words, was designed to provide you with content that speaks to your inner geek. While the definition of “geek” is somewhat absurd – usually only accounting for socially inept persons, carnival performers and those who have computer-related obsessiveness – we at J4G believe anyone with a deep passion for one subject qualifies you as a geek. Whether you are passionate about photography, technology, literature or movies, J4G ┬áhas you covered.

Although the site is still in its infancy, the founders of Just Four Geeks are by no means new to the areas covered. All four of them have a background in blogging, and each qualify under the basic definition of the word “geek.” The group became acquainted through a combined passion of mobile hacking – mostly Android – and ever since has shared with each other their ideas and passions with an ultimate goal of conquering the internet and expanding peoples knowledge of “geeky” topics.

The Four Geeks plan to incorporate their experience in writing, podcasting, vlogging and content development to create a site catered around their every whim and the whims of others. As the site grows bigger, so will the range of topics covered. We welcome all ideas and suggestions that will help J4G grow, as well as help the audience we serve, learn.

Just Four Geeks is still under construction but has been opened up for a limited audience in order to obtain feedback technical support. In the interim, Just Four Geeks first podcast, Random Boot Loop, is open and ready for business. Please leave your coat at the door, sit back, relax and enjoy the charming personality of Mr. James Bricknell and comedic stylings of his co-host David Pena.